the Koopalings in Cartoons

"The Adventures Of Super Mario Bros.3" and "Super Mario World" are famous for the cartoons on which the Koopa kids are appearing. You know more about U.S. cartoons than I. So, I introduce a Japanese anime movie to you.
(thanks to Anzu Pie)

Super Mario Bros.: Momotaro-hen

Amada insatsu kakou kabushikigaisha / 1989

The plot of this animation is based on a Japanese folktale "Momotaro (Peach Boy)".
old couple's daughterPrincess Peach
old coupleHammer Bros.
dog/monkey/pheasantPara-Beetle/Boomerang Bros./Spike
king of ogresKing Bowser Koopa
underling ogresKoopalings

story line
An old man and an old woman (Hammer Bros.) lived in a small star with a daughter called Princess Peach.
On a certain day, Koopa (King Bowser Koopa), the king of ogres came with underlings (Koopalings) and kidnaped Princess Peach.
The old couple wept their daughter. A big peach (This peach was a fruit, not Princess Peach.) fell from the sky. A mustached baby was born from the peach.
The boy named Mario grew up quickly and healthily. A certain day, Mario got to know Princess Peach was kidnaped by Koopa.
Mario traveled to Onigashima (Ogre Island) for rescue Princess Peach. Para-Beetle, Boomerang Bros., and Spike met Mario and became his friend. Mario and friends waged a successful battle against Koopa and his underlings. Marios rescued Princess Peach and returned to their homes.

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