the results of the poll (2005)



* No.1:Luigi(27) *
• I like him the most in the Mario series!! I Love Lui-chan. *smile*
• His pronunciation of r's by rolling his tongue when he says "thunder" is kicking. *smile*
• Luigi rulez!
• I like him because he's gentle and tall.
• I like him because he's considerate of his brother, gentle, striver, ... the list goes on and on!
• He's nice because he's tall.
• I'm a Luigi fan since the age of one!!
• He's tall and looking good.
• I like him very much.
• I vote Luigi at all costs!! He's a catch as a lover!!!
• If Mario is not in it then I'm with Luigi.

* No.2:Ludwig(9) *
• Well, I had a crush on him! Although he made a debut over ten years ago, I like his figure the most in the Nintendo characters even now. I really like him.
• I like him!!
• I cast a ballot for him in hope of his more breakthrough since he played an obscure role in the last game.
• I always like him!

* No.3:Daisy(7) *
• Daisy is cute! I really like her because she's a tomboy!
• She's cute. *smile*
• I like her because she's a tomboy! The flower earrings suit her very well! She's soooo cute!!

* No.4:Iggy and Lemmy(4) *

* No.6:Wendy, Morton, Roy and Bowser(3) *
• (Wendy)The strong woman is great. Moreover, she's cute.

* No.10:Larry and Peach(2) *
• (Peach)Peach rulez!
• (Peach)I really like the pretty princess.

* No.12:Waluigi(1) *
• I vote Waluigi since nobody cast a ballot for him.

* No.13:Mario and Lajos(0) *
(note by webmaster: They are the two proposed candidates with no votes.)


The poll developed unexpectedly... but it was very "Niji no Mannaka". Oh, I didn't put up myself.
Anyway, thanks a lot for your fair votes!

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